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Hello frnz, is it safe to drink lemon and honey mixed water in pregnancy? I heard lemon water can cause weakness...

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  • Scrutinize your blood sugar levels: It is important to have controlled blood sugar level throughout the pregnancy, so keep the blood sugar test kit at home and test your blood sugar at certain times of day.
  • Exercise regularly: Do some regular physical activities as it decreases the risk of gestational diabetes. Be physically active throughout your pregnancy, even in normal pregnancy doctors advice would-be mothers some regular physical activity but in case of diabetic mothers they are must to do. You can also do yoga or pranayamathat will also prove beneficial for your health. Aim for safe and light exercises like brisk walking and low impact aerobics.
  • Healthy Diet: Eating healthy and well planned diet should be your mantra during pregnancy. Try eating small frequent meals throughout the day. Choose your food wisely as it must contain correct balance of fiber, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Few food articles that can be really beneficial in your condition are bitter gourd, cucumber, radish, fenugreek leaves and broccoli.
  • Medications: Take your medicines on time as prescribed by your doctor. Your medicine plan may need to change or revised due to hormonal changes that occur in second and third trimester during your pregnancy.
  • Regular antenatal appointments: Whatever type of diabetes you have in pregnancy you must have more frequent antenatal appointments with your doctor to check you and your baby’s progress. These appointments are very helpful in detecting any abnormalities in early stages. You will be offered advise, diet plans and treatments based on these appointments only, so it’s important to be regular and sincere towards them. Make it a point to never skip the prenatal appointments, as these are crucial for a healthy baby and a healthy you

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