puruarora replied to the topic 'Tight abdomen in pregnancy' in the forum. 4 years ago

Dear Jisha,

This happens in pregnancy, again you should speak about this with your gyne during your regular check-ups. Apart from this you will see many changes in your body like read this article www.babychakra.com/learn/429-10-body-cha...nce-during-pregnancy

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puruarora replied to the topic 'Can ayurveda help with infertility problems?' in the forum. 4 years ago

Hi, I seriously don;t know that ayurved can help in conceiving or not but when I was planning I followed some tips.. which I feel can help you too.. www.babychakra.com/learn/359-trying-to-concieve-5-must-dos www.babychakra.com/learn/671-planning-a-...health-check-up-done

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