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TOPIC: Overcome Infertility Problem with Advanced Proce.

Overcome Infertility Problem with Advanced Proce. 3 years 3 months ago #123

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The journey of conceive problems treatment has approached a new direction with transparent cost and the revolutionized medical technologies. Observing the new patients with more knowledge and treatment options, the medical sector is designing a package that includes counsel, diagnosis and treatment of infertility.

Every year millions of couple experience infertility problems in India. Aiming at people who can prepare the budget for infertility treatment, we design the treatment lines with higher success rates and lower cost as compare to traditional IVF procedure.

Those who are suffering from temporary infertility problems, lifestyle improvement methods are followed and their physiological factors are evaluated.

An aim of fertility cure surpasses the theranostics, solutions are designed for individual requirements. A series of growth factors is designed from the patient’s blood that shows much better results as compare to conventional treatment.

Advanced technology is available at Sofat, IVF centre in India, the protocol for the treatment is a part of the center. New touch based fertility equipments are used for doctor’s training on assisted reproductive technology.

IVF- Get pregnant without much waiting

So, if you are trying to conceive for a long time, you may consider the fertility treatment. IVF treatment can be chosen by those with the following fertility issues:

a. Blocked fallopian tubes- When IVF eggs are extracted from the ovary, fertilized and placed into the uterus, in this way, the role of fallopian tubes can be discarded in case of damaged tubes.
b. Low sperm count – In case of sperm count or inadequate sperm activity, the eggs and sperms are mixed together in laboratory that makes it easier to fertilize the eggs which are then placed back into the womb.
c. Unknown cause of fertility- It is a case when physician is unable to find the cause of pregnancy failure. IVF can be chosen as the most trusted solution.
IVF procedure includes an array of processes that start with intake of medicines to increase the production of healthy eggs. You will receive hormone injection for around 12 days that stimulate your ovaries to develop a large count of mature eggs that can be successfully fertilized.

Who can receive IVF procedure?

While IVF is a great solution, it is essential to receive this treatment while being aware of it. IVF may need physical and emotional strength, burdening your body and life. If you want to make it private, you should also be financially prepared.
For the successful results, IVF is a supreme procedure for couples looking for a way to conceive in a natural way. However it is a complicated and invasive method that can create some stress. A single IVF cycle may extend for 7 weeks and needs several visits to the center.

You should be happy hearing that, you will recover soon after receiving the IVF procedure, with several couples getting essential counseling. The counseling is an essential part of the procedure that is provided right before, during and after the procedure.

In few cases, people complain about the dominating IVF problems that are hard to overcome. Patients need to undergo the cycles on regular basis, and in some cases, they fail to get pregnant. You can secure your relationship by implementing IVF as a couple that means by supporting each other during the procedure and getting help of each other.

The success rate of the procedure is widely based on your age, as the success rates are higher in young couples. For females who are under 35, the success rates are 32.2%, for females who are about 38 to 39 years, the success rate decreases to 21% whilst those who are around 45 years old or older, IVF is successful only in 2% cases.
Where should you get IVF treatment?

You should choose a reputed fertility clinic with the proven results. Set a meeting with your doctor to discuss about the procedure. The cost of the procedure may vary clinic to clinic and extra price is applied for medicines and counseling.

IVF is a recommended procedure to overcome the fertility issues, meanwhile your physician can also suggest you the other possible options to offer the best treatment for infertility.

IVF works in real and brings an ultimate joy to several families.
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Overcome Infertility Problem 2 years 7 months ago #130

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I have just started my treatment with Dr.Sarat from Indigo Womens Center. The Doctor has explained everything so well and has made me feel so comfortable and at ease during my procedures. I left his hospital feeling positive and optimistic which is something I haven’t felt in quite a while. Dr.sarat & Dr.Surakshith from Indigo Womens Center is wonderful!”
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Overcome Infertility Problem with Advanced Proce. 5 months 6 days ago #144

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IVF is a miracle for the people who are struggling to get pregnant. IVF clinic will provide the infertility treatments as per the health condition.
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